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Monk Like Discipline

At the end of the day discipline is that, if I want to do something and I can do it under any circumstances. So how do I build discipline that would lead me to achieve every possible thing that I dreamt of ?

The only airtight way too build discipline is to follow the commands of yourself.

No matter you are working out regularly for 10 days or 1 year there is always an inner instinct that tells us that we can not do it. Our inner self tells us that I cannot lift this heavy, I am not advising you to not listen to your inner instinct and get injured.

So all you need to do is to create controlled situations. You tell yourself yes and you do YES. You tell your self no and follow the NO.

To built that muscle you need to create controlled situations and you can achieve the unbelievable.

How To Master Self Discipline

1. Self discipline is different from discipline.